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Welcome to SoldStory, the new way to view
property Sold results.

  • What is a SoldStory?

  • A SoldStory consists of the statistics gathered behind the sale such as:
    Number of days a property is on the market
    Number of buyer inspections
    Number of bids or offers
    Amount over reserve and more..
    This information will help you better understand the current property market online.
  • Why soldstory.com.au

  • Our research has shown one of the most important things an agent can do to deliver high satisfaction levels for their clients is to share more information about their latest sold results in their listing presentation. soldstory.com.au is all about giving agents the opportunity to share this information online so that consumers feel more informed and confident on their journey to sale.
  • How will it work?

  • As soon as a participating agent has sold a property, they will share their SoldStory online, so it is available for you to view 24/7. You can search by agent or location and choose to connect directly with your local agent when you are ready to sell.
  • Behind the scenes

  • Julia Dyer, real estate marketing specialist, is passionate about helping bridge the gap between agents and consumers and helping change negative consumer perceptions. She has created an online space where she believes this is possible.

  • A place where help agents can build better relationships from the word go, simply by sharing more information and becoming transparent with their results.
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  • We look forward to keeping you more informed and connecting you with a great agent when it comes time to sell, so that you can achieve an outstanding result.