Why agents are willing to share more information

- by Julia Dyer

It is apparent the digital world is changing every industry and every industry has to look at the way they are connecting with their clients, online.  In a recent report from Google, it was stated that as many as 63% of consumers are shopping online and this statistic is fast growing.

The real estate industry is highly competitive and those agents wanting to increase their chances of connecting are making sure they can be found online and their profiles are complete and up-to-date.

It has also been found, consumers will not only choose a supplier or a service based on the referral of friends, but also the referral of strangers.  They know the power of a testimonial and positive feedback is uploaded immediately.

Agents of today are also willing to share more information with their clients because they understand this will lead to a better sales experience for their clients, transparency is certainly the way of the future.

If an agent is openly sharing more information, not only are they displaying competency in their work, they are also showing they understand your needs and want to help you feel more confident and in control on your journey to sale.

The SoldStory statistics are commonly gathered by all agents throughout the sales process and should be available to you. The latest sold result and the details of that sale will really help you understand where the current property market is really at.

Do not be afraid to ask for this information. Most agents will happily share. It is not only informative, it is interesting to see how much activity is in the area and how high the demand is for properties similar to your own.

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